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Firmware Transfer Procedure


How the Firmware Transfer process works

Why is the firmware transfer necessary? Click here to see details

1. Find and purchase the similar item from our website

It is not important to find a perfect match for your drive. Once you've located a physical match, it is good enough. The model number and various other specifications typically do not have to match up, because we will be transferring all that information onto the new board during the firmware transfer.

2. Complete the firmware transfer form

The form can be found here:

Please print the form, it is useful for identifying and contacting you when we receive your board.

3. Pack the circuit board + firmware transfer form

You can remove the circuit board from the drive using a Torx screwdriver. The board will be safe between 2 pieces of cardboard, in a bubble envelope. Alternatively you can use a small box. If you can keep the package size down, it will keep the postage fee down as well.

4. Mail the package to us

Our address is located on the firmware transfer form you completed in Step 2. The cheapest option is the local post office, or if you have a deal with a courier. USA and International customers, please ship to our USA location for the fastest delivery. Canadian customers please ship to our Canadian location. If they ask for the Customs value of the dead board, you should declare it at $5 or less. (See UPS Fees)

5. We'll contact you when we receive the board and complete the firmware transfer

Once we receive your board, we'll email you at the address indicated on the form to let you know. We'll need 1 day to do the firmware transfer, then we'll mail the board(s) back to you.

6. Receive the new board in the mail, and install it on your hard drive

Best of luck!