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We understand you do not want to pay an extortionate data recovery charge, so we are here to provide you with a cheaper alternative! If you can't find the board you need here, email us at We'll try our best to find one for you.

What Our Company is ALL About

If you have a dead hard drive, then you are probably already looking into different data recovery services. You probably also got some very expensive quotes ranging from $500 to a few thousand. We are here to help you save money. Our boards may be able to repair your hard drive for $39.99. Outrageous? Well it's true.

About the Hard Drive

The hard drive consists of a few basic parts: motor, platter, disk head and the controller board (PCB). If any one of these parts is damaged, then the hard drive will stop functioning. If the PCB is the only damaged part of the hard drive (due to power surge, overheating etc.), then replacing the PCB board will get your hard drive spinning again.

About the PCB

How can you tell if one PCB board is identical to the other? Our technicians have worked in data recovery companies for many years and this is the fruit of our experience. We provided a few guides to teach you how to tell if you have a match for your PCB. Your disk manufacturer may have said it is not possible to match PCBs, this is, of course, completely false.