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Complete Data Recovery Service

Complete Data Recovery Service
Item# datarecovery
Regular price: US$500.00
Sale price: US$329.00
Replacement Drive Options:  Return Original Drive?: 

Product Description


Data Recovery Price $329
Replacement drive options:  
Digital upload (2GB) Free
User provided drive Free
USB stick (64GB) $20
2.5'' 1TB USB drive $60
2.5'' 2TB USB drive $120
Return Original Hard drive?  
Yes $35
No $0
Return Shipping Cost (if applicable)  
Canada $15
United States $20
Europe $30

What we'll do

Step 1: Fix the drive

We'll fix the problem with your drive. We will be fixing any circuit board, firmware, service area, or software issues. We can work with physically damaged drives as well, the result depends on the amount of damage.

Step 2: Clone the drive

We'll make a replicate image of the problem drive, using a sector by sector method. This means we are directly reading from the drive platters, instead of looking for certain files. If there is a bad disk head, we'll skip it first and copy the rest of the data. We'll also avoid bad sectors as much as possible. After a rough first pass, we'll go back and copy off as much as we can from the problematic areas.

Step 3: Recover the data

Now that the data has been copied onto a good drive, we will run a data recovery software on the good drive, and report a lost of the recoverable files to you.

Possible outcomes

100% Successful data recovery

Absolutely everything has been recovered from the original drive. In this case you only have to choose how you want to receive the data back. We can upload small amounts of data (2GB) to cloud, copy it to a USB stick or portable drive, or use a storage device you provide for us. (See pricing and options above)

Partial data recovery

We can send you a screenshot of the recoverable files and you can decide if any of the files are useful to you. If the useful files are recovered, then the recovery is considered a success, and you can choose a delivery method. If the files are not useful, then see options below for unsuccessful data recovery.

Unsuccessful data recovery

If no data was recovered, or if the recovered data is not useful, then we'll refund you part of the data recovery charge. If you don't need the dead drive back, we'll refund you everything. If you do need the dead drive back, we'll refund you.

If you are interested

Send us an email to get the process started:


How the data recovery process works

1. Complete the data recovery form

The form can be found here:

Please print the form, it is useful for identifying and contacting you when we receive your board.

2. Pack the hard drive + data recovery form

3. Mail the package to us

Our address is located on the data recovery form you completed in Step 1. The cheapest option is the local post office, or if you have a deal with a courier. If they ask for the Customs value of the dead drive, you should declare it at $10 or less. (See UPS Fees)

4. We'll contact you when we receive the drive

Once we receive your drive, we'll email you at the address indicated on the form to let you know. Depending on the condition of the drive, we will need anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks before we know how much data is recoverable. However we can give you an estimate on the time frame shortly after receiving the drive.

5. We'll contact you with the results of the data recovery

We'll send you some screenshots of the recoverable files, and you can decide if you want the data or not.