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By Alex from France - 03, 2014

You can be happy because I'm, I resurrected today's PCB that works very well and I'm recovered donénes client. I would not hesitate to re-use PCB solution (see you) if I've a similar showing this case.

By Demetrio from Italy - 03, 2014

The board arrived this morning, I mounted the hdd and it works perfectly. Thank you, you are fantastic! I will make a huge publicity among my friends.

By Jussi from Finland - 03, 2014

Hello! The board arrived today and it works! I've already backed up all my photos and documents to an external HDD. Thank you very much for fast shipping! If I will ever face the same problem with another HDD I will surely buy a PCB from you again :)

By Daniel from USA - 03, 2014

Board worked....was able to retrieve EVERYTHING...to include over 50,000 family photos!!! Should you need or want a reference for your company....do let me know....I will give your company a HIGH recommendation.....once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

By Kevin from United Kingdom - 03, 2014

Just wanted to say thanks very much for enabling me to get my drive up and running again, your replacement PCB board worked a treat

You guys are grrreeeaaat!

By William from USA - 03, 2014

hey just wanted to say thanks for fixing the board again, got it in the mail and it works like new...thanks again

By Tom from USA - 03, 2014

Just have to send this brief review. Received the cloned board today and I am recovering data at the moment - thank you all at PCB Solution! Great company, great communication and a very fast turn-around. I'll be spreading the word - thanks again.

By Ben from USA - 03, 2014

PCB board received, and drive repaired/data recovered. Thanks for the prompt service.

By Franco from Germany - 03, 2014

You have no idea, how happy I am!

I am simply proud of you and the team :-)) Great work boys! All my HDs work now perfectly again! Bavissimo PCB-Solution!!

Thanks a lot for the wonderful service and just-in-time-help with great professional quality and expertise you have rendered to me. I shall be pleased to proclaim your fame all around the world ;-))

By Harri from Finland - 03, 2014

I got chip back and it's working!


By John from Netherlands - 03, 2014

The new PCB board has been arrived today. And, it worked! I could restore more than 40.000 pictures. Great job and again many thanks for your great service.

By James from USA - 03, 2014

I received the board yesterday and installed it this morning, Thank you! Is all I can say! With the board fixed and installed I was able to recover and save over 600 GB of data that otherwise would have been lost! I know if I ever run into this problem again or one of my friends does, I know where I will send them. I will be making a post shortly and I will get back to you with the info. Thanks again! You are truly a life saver.

By Michel from Belgium - 03, 2014

Great, everything is ok and I retrieved about 300 very important wave files, most interviews, that I didn't backup... Bad idea ! Many, many thanks. One or two minutes to replace the board and put the hard disk in an usb bay and... woaw ! it worked immediately and was recognized by Windows as if it was a brand new one :-) I've written about this success to my... more than 6500 Facebook "friends" ! Have a wonderful day and many thanks again and again for your great work

By Richard from Australia - 03, 2014

Received yesterday and it worked!!! Magic and thank you for your great service.

By Joe from USA - 03, 2014

I received the PCB today, installed it and the hdd is working. I plan on backing it up and then wiping the old drive clean before scrapping it out.

Thank you for providing this service. It has saved my data!

By Danilo from Italy - 03, 2014

The piece is intact and arrived this morning with its screwdriver. The H. D. it works perfectly. Thank you for your professionalism.

By Cho from South Korea - 03, 2014

Just received yesterday. It works!!! I have no doubt you are the best!! Thanks a lot !!

By Michelle from USA - 03, 2014

I seriously could cry right now. But they would be tears of joy! I can't believe that my data was recovered from the new boards that you sent me this morning. I was a little skeptical that this cloning process would work but am so relieved that it actually did. I can't begin to thank you enough for your amazing service and correspondence through this whole ordeal.

By Robert from Canada - 03, 2014

Worked great! Installed the circuit board and was able to restore 10 years of personal photos and videos. Would recommend PCB Solution to everyone. Great communication and fast service.

Je recommend PCP Solution pour leur service rapide, polis et efficace.

By Patrick from Belgium - 03, 2014

I received the pcb nicely packed, mounted it to my hard disk, connected to the pc and - S U P E R !! - There was my data again !!

Many thanks for your superb service. You saved my marriage. I already spread the word.

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