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By Tim from USA - 3, 2015

The customer support helped with all the necessary steps for mailing and billing, and their replies back were helpful, understanding, courteous. Even the packaging when I received my new PCB was brilliantly protected from damage. I can tell from the small details that they payed attention to, the standard for quality at this place is high. Needless to say, my HDD is working perfectly.

By Janileh from Canada - 3, 2015

Such great communication, fast response to emails, informative, and quick shipment. (and the PCB board works great)

By Jody from USA - 3, 2015

just wanted to let you know that the new board worked beautifully. Thank you so much for the quick, efficient, friendly service at a terrific price. I would highly recommend your company and please feel free to pass along/publish my comments. Again, thank you!

By Daniele from Italy - 3, 2015

I've received the board Yesterday and now my HD works fine!!! Thank you for your good work!!! As soon as possible I'm going to spread the word where I can on the web but even in the small assistance shop near me who was not sure of the final result. Thank you again.

By David from United Kingdom - 3, 2015

My Brotherís laptop hard drive stopped working after a liquid spill. I was confident that the mechanical part of the hard drive would still be OK so I sought the services of PCB Solutions and purchased a replacement PCB via their website. I was initially concerned to be sending a vital part of the hard drive overseas so I used a tracked service to send my dead PCB. On arrival at PCB Solutions a copy of the ROM data was taken so that future clones could be made if necessary. The round trip for the PCB was really fast. I connected the replacement PCB to the hard drive and it worked! Data that is not backed up becomes really important once you donít have access to it anymore. I highly recommend the services of PCB Solutions and would use them again in the future.

By Syed from USA - 3, 2015

Thanks for the great service! The cloned drive works perfectly. All of our critical data is now safe.

By Darin from USA - 3, 2015

The new board was received today and the data recovery worked! Thank you.

By Sandra from USA - 3, 2015

These folks are WONDERFUL. I had a real tragedy: I do taxes and ALL my data files were inaccessible on a failed, clicking, hard drive. I researched and found PCB solutions and they provide the WONDERFUL service of cloning your hard drive's mother board so that you can carefully reinstall it on the broken drive and PRAY that the clicking was because of a fried hard drive mother board....it WAS and now I have access to my life's blood files again BECAUSE of PCB competence---HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I am a DELIGHTES customer and I plan to keep their info. I paid online---extremely reasonable considering---fed ex'd the old board, they got it and copied the chip and all to a new donor board in one (1) day and I paid $20 to have it overnighted back to me...six (6) days total...counting Sat & Sun...I am eternally grateful to these folks and will be glad to recommend their honesty and competency to anyone.

By Ondrej from Czech Republic - 3, 2015

my hard drive was repaired!!!! Iíve my data back! Thank you very much for your help!

By James from Canada - 3, 2015

Everything is working well! Thanks so much - I was quoted over 800.00 to fix this drive and you guys did it in a day for 50 bucks.

By Reggie from Netherlands - 3, 2015

I received the board on the 13th of march and it worked perfectly. Thx!

By Louis from USA - 3, 2015

You saved me. My hard drive is working again. Thanks so much you guys are pretty awesome. Wish i wouldve known about you guys 2 years ago. I had 3.4 tb full on my hard drive. J was able to recover all of it. Actually im still using my hard drive. Works just as a new one. I thought when i fried it that it fried drive too. Thanks so much. I will let anyone that needs circuit boards to xall you guys. U saved me $1600. Thats what these recovery thieves wanted to recover my data. Have a good weekend. Thanks again

By Mike from Canada - 3, 2015

I finally had a chance to try the new pcb with a SATA to USB adapter and was able to successfully recover my lost files! The biggest thing I almost lost was a bunch of scanned family photos that I was compiling for my mom. Now I can complete our album project Thanks again!

By Jan from Austria - 3, 2015

Finally received my PCB. Your MatchMaker gave me a perfect match!! Worked like a charm, even without firmware transfer. Great service! Will definitely recommend.

By Michael from USA - 3, 2015

A big thanks to you and your people! The CCA you sent me worked to perfection! I was able to recover almost 2TB of data thanks to your work.

By Patrick from Germany - 3, 2015

The PCB arrived me yesterday in the afternoon. I Connect the PCB to the old HDD and all data could be restored! Thank you very much for your easy & good transaction. I will definitely send another broken PCB to you if need be!

By Christian from France - 2, 2015

I just received and installed the new board. Thankfully, my Hard disk is up and running just like the good old days.

By Steven from Canada - 2, 2015

I received the new circuit board for my hard drive today, I installed the board on the drive, installed the drive and the PC and it booted up perfectly! Everyone I talked to said the board was dead, and it would cost thousands of dollars for a clean room to save the data. You proved them all wrong! Thank you so much! What a great service.

By Russell from USA - 2, 2015

I received the pcb back last night and fired it up, all good. Thank you

By David from USA - 2, 2015

The drive is up and running! All is good. Thanks for your help. Great customer service and quick turnaround time.

By Peter from Australia - 2, 2015

I have received the donor hdd pcb and would like to say that the recovery has been a 100% success.I managed to get back 407gb of data for some people and they are extremely happy.Many thanks for your great work.

By Adrian from USA - 2, 2015

MY drive running AGAIN !!! THANKS YOU SO MUCH !! I can SLEEP AGAIN!

By Luc from France - 2, 2015

I have received the electronic board on February 4th. I reassembled the hard drive, connected it to my computer and then I was able to get all my data ! I want to thank you for the quality of your work. You can count on me to recommend your company.

By David from USA - 2, 2015

I received my circuit panel and I'm happy to say that it helped me with my hard drive issue.

By Francis from United Kingdom - 2, 2015

A great big thanks for your assistance with my hard drive and providing a new PCB. I manage to recover 100% of my data and the drive still works. Amazing job!!!

By Joseph from France - 2, 2015

Just to let you know that I have managed to recover all datas. Thank you very much for your valuable help ! I wish all the best to you and company and hope to do business with you again soon.

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