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By Nicky from Belgium - 10, 2014

Everything worked perfectly! Thanks alot for all your and the company's effort.

By Patrick from Germany - 10, 2014

I have just received the pcb today(that was fast) and it worked flawlessly. I hope I never have a board go bad again, but if I do at least I know to send it to PCB Solution. It was worth every penny. Thanks a lot to you and your team.

By Florent from France - 10, 2014

I received the PCB card I ordered at your place.. and... it works!!! My hard drive is now accessible from my laptop. (Now it s time to backup everything...) I don t know yet the damages some files could have suffered from, but in any case, I want to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team!!

I will refer your shop to the friends of mine who will suffer from an hard disk issue.

By Myra from Canada - 10, 2014

It worked. Thank-you so much, we had had 2 ‘experts’ look at the hard drive and they had said there could be no recovery I’m glad I found you.

By Reinhard from Germany - 10, 2014

Many thanks for that great help. The PCB works fine and i will hope for long. I liked you and give 5 Star for that work.

By France from Croatia - 10, 2014

I received filmware and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot for you time.Only a words of praise.Thanks one more time

By Peter from USA - 10, 2014

Just wanted to say that I got the board today, rebooted it up and I am back in business.

Thanks a lot. Seriously, I'll write a testimony for your website if you want, say the word.

By Andrea from Italy - 10, 2014

just to give you an update, your PCB works PERFECTLY! I recovered all my data.

thank you very much.

By Marc from Canada - 10, 2014

I wanted to say thanks you very much for the great work, everything works fine recover all of my data, specially my movies:)

Tks again, I already told many ppl at work of the great jobs you guys did. Will be sure to spread the word online too.

By Etienne from Belgium - 10, 2014

Yesterday I receive the PCB board and today morning I install it on my hard disk. I connect it as external one and…YES it’s work and I have now copy of all my data’s. Thank you very much for very professional service. I will make PUB for you.

By Joop from Netherlands - 10, 2014

It works! Great. Many thanks.

By Tim from Australia - 10, 2014

I received my circuit board yesterday, just wanted to let you know my drive is back up and running and all my data has been restored. Many thanks for the help, i am very grateful.

By Josh from USA - 10, 2014

The part was returned, and worked beautifully!

By Voros from Hungary - 10, 2014

The PCB works perfectly, thank you very much!

By Tom from USA - 10, 2014

Thank you for the unique service. The hard drive is fully functional. You fill a service I have not found before; you will go into my contact list, and I will supply your contact to any techs I encounter that need your service.

Thank you for the quality.

By Mattia from Italy - 10, 2014

the board is arrived and I just remounted it. It works perfectly and I got all my data back. Thank very much, you made my day!!

By Marc from Canada - 10, 2014

Thank you! Your HD Board repair solved my problems! My customer is very happy,

I will use you in the future.

By Raul from Spain - 10, 2014

I have already received the board and works perfectly . Thank you very much for your work.

By Jean-Loup from Belgium - 10, 2014

I installed the board, connected externally and I can read both partitions. Great!!!

Many thanks, this drive is in fact my son's data drive and he had all of his one year old baby's pictures on it .. and no backup drive .

Lesson is fully acquired now!

Again many thanks for helping me give a second life to very valuable data.

By Eddy from France - 09, 2014

i received my PCB today and it work perfectly !

i would say thanks you very much for your job. i'm happy :)

By Antoine from Canada - 09, 2014

In a word: Amazing. They really saved the day. My wife and I are doing volunteer work in Central America - so when my external hard drive that contains all of my archives (massive amounts of photos, documents, music and movies) died without warning I panicked. It seemed that, since there wasn't anyone in a thousand mile radius that could help me, I would need to send the drive to the states for data recovery: which would cost me thousands. I was resolved that All was lost...then I found PCB Solutions. They responded to all of my email inquiries. Shipping was easy - he even selected the appropriate PCB for me upon receiving my dead one. He shipped the board back to a friend of mine, who then carried it down to me. I reattached it, and the drive fired right up - everything was in its right place. I couldn't have been happier. HIGHLY recommended! A++++ customer service. Thanks!

By Thierry from France - 09, 2014

Thanks a lot, it's working perfectly !!!! I'm very happy, you guys are killers :-) I'll tell everyone I know that you are very good!

By Michael from Canada - 09, 2014

This is a great company. Customer server answered all my questions and fast. Very friendly and professional. I got my order quickly, and now my harddrive is working like new. I would highly recommend PCB!! 11/10 :)

By Toby from Canada - 09, 2014

Just a brief note to express my appreciation of the quality and speed of service I got from you and your organization.

Here are the highlights of my experience: As a result of 2 simultaneously failed disks (production & backup) containing business critical data, I had consulted a local computer shop (self-proclaimed specialists) who told me the PCB was probably shot and that nothing could be done. Out of desperation, I searched alternatives on the web and came across your establishment. Some of your competitors had a turn-around of 4 weeks with a price $10 lower than yours. While that may be so, here’s what I will remember: After receiving the boards at your warehouse in BC on a Friday, my drives were operational the following Tuesday in Quebec! And all that for around $100! With constant email exchanges and updates, I feel you were personally responsible for my excellent customer experience.

You have my highest regard and recommendations. Hats off to you! Feel free to spread the word.

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